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Researchers Find Superhydrophobic Nanoflower For Biomedical Applications

Plant leaves have an innate superpower. They are structured with water repelling properties. Dubbed as superhydrophobic surface, this trait lets leaves to wash themselves from debris. Inspired by such innate designs, a group of scientists at Texas A&M University has designed an innovative method to manage the hydrophobicity of a surface to help to the biomedical sector.

Scientists in the Department of Biomedical Engineering in Dr. Akhilesh K. Gaharwar’s laboratory have designed a “lotus impact” by adding atomic imperfections in nanomaterials, which can have extensive applications in the biomedical sector comprising lab-on-a-chip, biosensing, anti-fouling, blood-repellent, and self-cleaning uses.

Superhydrophobic substances are employed expansively for the self-cleaning property of devices. On the other hand, present materials need changes to the topography or chemistry of the surface to work. This restricts the employment of superhydrophobic substances.

“Controlling the wetting behavior and designing hydrophobic surfaces has long been of huge interest, as it has an important role in achieving self-cleaning capability,” Gaharwar claimed. “On the other hand, there are restricted biocompatible methods to manage the surface wetting behavior as desired in various biotechnological and biomedical applications.” The team lately launched a study posted in Chemical Communications.

On a related note, when you jump into a pond and hold your head below water, everything seems different. Besides the different physiological response of our ears in water and air, this derives from the various propagation of sound in water in comparison to air. Sound travels quicker in the water on a 25°C summer day. Other liquids have their own velocity of sound, such as alcohol with 1144 m/s, and helium with 180 m/s.

These liquids are dubbed as classical liquids, instances for one of the major states of matter. But if we reduce the temperature of that helium a more few degrees, something dramatic takes place.

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